Poodles. Learn all about this intelligent and popular breed of dog.

by Regina Hill

As one of the most popular breeds, this breed has gained recognition for being intelligent, interesting and enthusiastic companions. Typically a one owner dog, these dogs are finicky and seem to have a knack for finding their way into hearts and homes. Due to their amazing talent for becoming more than simply a part of the families they are adopted into, but actually the "baby" of the family, they have an invaluable reputation for good manners and exceptional hygiene habits. They aren't dirty dogs and they actually seem to detest dirt in many instances. This, in itself, distinguishes this breed of dog from the other breeds who would much prefer the dirt to the water used to shampoo them with. Poodles are different. They don't act like average dogs and they aren't average dogs. They aren't typically treated like average dogs, either. Even though they are canine with all the basic canine characteristics such as barking, tail wagging and begging for treats, they have a way of snagging attention with their familiar intellect and that rare sensitivity toward the humans who indulge them for any length of time.

They might or might not be a good pet for children since, despite the toy breed's small size, their temperaments aren't always so easy or level. These little culprits could easily have an appetite for becoming defensive with anyone, child or adult, who might tease or taunt them. From personal experience with the this dog breed, I wouldn't consider hooking them up with a child who is under ten years old. Cockapooh? Maybe. But not a poodle.

Some interesting tidbits that might prove essential and interesting to anyone who is considering purchasing one of this breed of dog for a pet:

  • They don't shed hair, which means that you won't be plagued with hair that covers your sofa or bed. But, you will need to have regular appointments with a groomer or learn to groom your poodle yourself. Besides having his or her basic haircut, the poodle breeds need the hair pulled from their inner ears, a pedicure and/or manicure, and, since there seems to be evidence that this breed is very susceptible to dental troubles, a good dental hygiene regimen might prove to be a wise choice for this pet.
  • They rarely, if ever, encourage intimate relationships with anyone outside the home where they're accustomed to being the owner's top dog. These are jealous dogs and they do little to hide that fact when another dog happens into the territory of their owner. Also, in my own experience, they aren't too appreciative of other humans who take their loved one's attentions. Poodles prefer a one to one relationship and form a strong bond with their loved one. They seldom enjoy any outside interference with that bond.
  • They are finicky eaters who, on the rare occasion, will allow someone to encourage them to eat something that might not seem appetizing to them. They seem to prefer the choice of not eating at all or vomiting up what they've consumed to the other choice of eating anything they don't take a liking to. This can make giving medications or vitamins an interesting experience for both pet and owner.
  • They lavish love and affection the way a tender hearted child does. These canine scoundrels will do nearly anything, even giving up their favorite foods or treats, to obtain the attentions and affections of their owners. They absolutely bask in human love the way a cat basks in the sunshine. They love very deeply, faithfully and truly. And, should you forget to pay attention, they will usually make that lack of appreciation very apparent with their barking, begging and bravery. The poodle has no qualms at all about revealing their true nature and that nature is one which will remind you of a sensitive child who is always on the lookout for adult approval and attention.
  • They definitely need to be pampered. If you lack time and/or a willingness to put forth the effort required of caring for a poodle, you might want to choose a less needy breed for yourself. These boys and girls are not about to be taken for granted or taken to by anyone who isn't available to them. They won't be happy in a home where they don't receive the attention they require and they do require more attention than most dogs do.
  • They are very susceptible to stomach troubles, usually vomiting up those things that don't agree with their digestive systems. They're also susceptible to dental problems and skin ailments as both of these areas seem to be more sensitive than with other breeds. They are friendly pets but aren't nearly as enthusiastic as some dogs are when encountered with friendly strangers who happen into their homes. They're very loyal and, in spite of their small size, will seek to guard and protect the people they love.
Is the Poodle for you?
Ask yourself these questions before choosing one as your pet.
  • Do you have TIME for the one of these dogs? They DO require TIME.
  • Do you have a home that will WELCOME a dog? These dogs are sensitive and DO need a docile that emphasizes a willingness to appreciate them for that very sensitivity. In so many words, very young children and the poodle, might not make a good mixture.
  • Do you LIKE the breed? Don't choose a dog that you don't actually like in terms of style, personality and friendliness. This breed is a very domestic dogs. They prefer owners who are also on the domesticated side. Can you find it within your budget to have the proper grooming that this breed requires?
Are you a poodle person?
They are similar to young children and have many of the same requirements a young child might have.


Answer YES to these... You might be the perfect poodle person!

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