How about some pet training tips for your dog or puppy? Pet training is an important part of having a pet.

Basic Pet Training Tips for Your Dog or Puppy

If you have recently welcomed a new dog or puppy to your family you’ll want to teach them the basics of obedience. Here are some basic pet training tips and commands that every dog and dog owner should know.

  • your dog should know how to come when called.
    • This is achieved by using the dog’s name along with the ‘Come’ or ‘Come here’ command. If your dog doesn’t understand, use the leash and gently urge him/her to come closer to you.
    • Another way to entice your dog to come when called is to use treats he/she really likes. Once she comes to you after being called, reward her with a treat and some praise. Treats are very important in the training process because most dogs are food motivated.
  • The next command you may want to work on is Sit. You can call your dog to you, then direct him to sit by pressing gently on their backside and giving a gentle tug up on the leash. Your dog should automatically sit down. The more you reinforce this with treats, the faster your dog will learn the sit command.
  • Other commands you may want to teach your new puppy or dog include
    • stay
    • heel
    • and lay down
  • Some dog owners enjoy teaching their dogs tricks too
    • roll over
    • speak

There are plenty of great books available these days that can give you a more extensive education in dog training. Your local library or bookstore should have a good selection from which you can choose.