We thought we would share with you our collection of pet information that we have picked up over many years of living with our dogs.

Black Cat

These pet articles and pet information have helped us many times and we refer to them often. We hope you find them as helpful as we have.

Over the many years that we have lived with dogs, cats and birds, we have saved most of the information that we have collected. And we are always collecting new information. This information has helped us more than we can say so we thought we would share this information with you in the hopes that you would appreciate having easy access to information on

daschund dogPet Books
Pet Insurance
Pet Magazines
Pet News
Pet Nutrition

Clipping Bird Wings

Adopt a Kitten
Cat Adoption
Cat Behavior
Cat News
Cat Safety
Understanding Cat Communication

Allergy Safe Dogs
Calming Signals in Dogs
Dog Communication, Wagging Tails
Dog Names
Dog News
Dog Philosophy
Dog Senses
Dog Vaccinations
Dog and Water Safety
Dogs on the Beach
The Smartest Dog
Why Your Dog Should Always Wear Dog Identifcation

General Interest
Benefits of Pets
Choosing the Right Pet for You
Emergency Preparedness Tips
Helping Homeless Animals
Naming a Pet
Pet and Travel Needs
Pet Loss and the Grieving Process

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