A Pet festival or a pet event. Have you ever had the chance to go to one?

A Pet Festival.
A fun time for you and for your pet.

As the weather cools off it’s a great time of year to get out and about with your pet. Dogs seem to come to life with new energy when the fall breezes blow, making it an awesome time to take a hike, head to a park for a game of fetch, or hit a pet event where animal enthusiasts love to gather.

America is full of pet festivals that often are affiliated with humane societies or animal rights groups. A typical event might include discounted shot clinics, obedience training demonstrations, a dog walk or run, pet parades, adoption clinics, and even costume contests.

You’ll often find a wealth of information that makes you a better pet owner at one of these events, as well as special treats or products that make life at home with your pet more enjoyable than ever.

Many humane societies will host a pet event to raise money for much needed supplies, like food or medicines. A pet festival is also a chance to meet new friends and their four-legged companions, and it’s also a great way to socialize your dog and have fun while doing it.

Some of the more popular events can be found online. For example, National Pet Press, has a section called State of Mine that offers a list of pet events, pet shows, initiatives, and fundraisers by state. Check it out and see what’s going on in your area, and be sure to let them know if you have a pet event of your own to promote.

Another great site for animal lovers is the American Kennel Club. In addition to a virtual library of information about every breed known to man, you’ll find a listing of events and dog shows that you may want to attend.

If your dog is the sporting sort, you may be interested in the Agility Events website. The number of events for pet owners and their dogs who compete in agility competitions is practically mind boggling. There are more than a dozen events in California in any one month, and many other states are equally stacked.

If there isn’t a pet show or event for pet owners and their dogs in your area, you might want to consider starting one. Rescue groups and humane societies are always looking for great ideas and people to put them in action. Take a look at the type of events you see online, and then put together a committee to create one for your own community.

A pet festival is a fun way to exercise your pet, meet new people, learn new things to make you a better pet parent, and most of all have fun. So get out there and find a pet festival to attend or do something special for your community and organize one. The dog days of summer are behind us, and now’s the time to enjoy more time outdoors you’re your pet. A pet festival is a great way to do it!