Are you planning a trip with your pet? We regularly travel with our pets and always have list of pet and travel needs.

Pet and Travel

Must Have Items:

  • health certificate
  • documentation of vaccinations
  • international permits (if necessary)
  • the phone number and emergency numbers of your veterinarian and local animal hospital, as well as a number in the vicinity of your vacation site
  • approved shipping crate or carrier
  • towels
  • food
  • treats
  • bowls for food and water
  • for cats, disposable litter box
  • collar and I.D. tag (one that has the name and a phone number)
  • bottles of cold water
  • poop bags
  • leash
  • chew toy
Optional items:
  • brush and grooming supplies
  • dry shampoo
  • sweater (in case of cold weather)
  • favorite toys or playthings
  • camera
  • collapsible traveling cage
  • dog guard (for car)
  • harness (for car)

These are some of the more important pet and travel needs, you may find that you do not need them all or that you need to add to the list.