Are you looking for a pet, a guard dog or a companion dog? We have a few examples of which dog breeds are best for each type of job...

Guard Dog - Dogs To Watch Over You

Dogs are great companions but these days, we may want our dog to be more than just our companion and friend. People are now letting their dogs house sit. Dogs are being taught to watch and guard their owners home. Both types of protective dogs bark to alert their owner of an intruder.
A watch dogs function ends with the barking that alerts their master.
A guard dog, on the other hand, is taught to bark and also to restrain or attack the intruder.
If you are interested in a dog for guarding you and your home, you should obtain the services of a professional dog trainer. Some good dog breeds for these types of dog activities are

  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Rottweiler
  • and German Shepherd.
These are only a few examples.

Small breeds such as a toy or miniature make great watchdogs as they tend to bark a lot which alerts their master that an intruder is present.

The larger breeds tend to make the better dogs for guarding. The breed must be trainable to make a good guard dog. A dog that is intelligent and eager to learn will retain its natural protectiveness over what it designates as its territory. It is very important that you get a dog that has been properly trained by its owner or handler.

Whether you choose a dog that is training to watch or a dog that is trained to guard, it is important to always assert your dominance as master of the home and teach your dog to respect family and friends. Your dog should never try to chase, retain or bite a human being he or she deems threatening without a command from you. A good dog obedience trainer will teach you everything you need to know about for handling one of these dogs.