Do you need help choosing which is the best method for pet training? We can help by telling you a little about obedience training methods.

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If you were to attend five different puppy obedience classes you would soon discover that none of them are the same. Not only would you be introduced to a multitude of specialized training methods, but each one of these legitimate methods would be altered by a trainers individual style. No two dog trainers are exactly alike, and as the result their classes are also different.

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Sadly, for the inexperienced consumer, finding a good puppy training course can be difficult. In part, because modern dog trainers are no longer trained like they use to be. Twenty years ago dog trainers were educated through long apprenticeships, that required them to work hands on with hundreds, perhaps thousands of dogs before they trained a class of their own.

Classic dog trainers often worked closely with veterinarians, groomers, breeders and a long assortment of other experts as a way to fine tune their talents. Times have changed.

For Pet Training, Modern Trainers are mot What They Use To Be

Today, many modern puppy trainers simply take a 'crash course' and buy their way into a well marketed franchise. Trainers with less than twelve months experience often set up shop and start to educate the public. In some cases wood-be trainers are not even required to work under the supervision of other trainers before they are given accreditation. And anyone can become "a certified" training instruction on the internet! Trainers that buy their way into the industry often pass their own mistakes onto the public. The end result; sloppy trainers, sloppy training classes and sloppy puppies.

What Is Basic Obedience Training?

Basic obedience training is the process where you teach your dog to understand five basic words. These words are; Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Heel.

Although many trainers wrongfully sell obedience training as a way to build a relationship with your puppy, the truth is that obedience training is a performance sport. You speak, the dog performs, it is as simple as that. It is a mistake to believe that obedience training will prevent behavior problems. Many of the top obedience instructors experience behavior problems with their own "obedient" dogs. How is this possible?

Obedience training only controls your dog when you are actively speaking to it. For example, if you own a dog that runs away you can teach it to come when called. Then, whenever you see your dog running off you can simply call it back. In this context obedience training is extremely useful. But what if you do not see your dog take off. What if you are not there to command your dog? A-ha! You see, obedience training does have great limitations.