Is your dogs dog begging antics embarassing you? Would you like to learn how to end the dog begging? We have some suggestiongs for you...

Stop Dog Begging.
How To Stop Your Dog From Begging

Does your dog whine when you sit down to eat dinner?
Does he give you the big, sad eyed look?
Does your dog give you the pleading paw act?
Don’t’ fall for the dog begging act. Dogs love attention, whether it be good or bad. The attention your dog gets for their actions are what motivates them to do the things they do. If their action creates a reaction, you can certainly expect more of it--good or bad.
Be strong and ignore his or her begging act.

If you give in to your dogs dog begging antics, you can expect the same at any mealtime. Your dog doesn’t care if you have

company or not, the “act” gets attention. Your dogs “starving” performance will soon evolve into more creative acts in order to get the expected attention - drooling, barking, balancing on hind legs, jumping up, and running all around the room when little scraps just happen to fall on the floor.

Dog Begging. The Problems with Table Feeding Your Dog

Feeding your dog scraps at the table encourages bad behavior.
There is the risk of your dog becoming overweight with the additional meals.
Your dog will learn that mooching equals more food.

Food scraps can be unsafe for some dogs. The constant variation to the dogs diet can lead to diarrhea, vomiting or a serious case of gas. Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems, some dogs are sensitive to variations in their diet; in these situations, eating too much human food which is high in sugar and sodium, could lead him/her to a serious illness. Other dogs have "iron" stomachs and seem to be able to tolerate regular additions of human food; for these dogs, please be selective with what is fed.

There are many foods and ingredients that are toxic to dogs.To name a few:

  • tomatoes
  • onion
  • garlic
  • grapes
  • raisins
  • chocolate
  • macadamia nuts
Other foods that are not healthy for dogs for various reasons are
  • cooked bones (especially poultry)
  • cookies
  • cakes
  • ice cream
  • fried foods
  • greasy foods
Can He Have Just A Little?

Your dog can enjoy some human food. To avoid dog begging, if you would like to feed your dog a few morsels, it is best to place them in his food bowl after you have finished your meal - do not hand feed your dog from the table or surrounding area. Another alternative is to save the scraps for the next day and add it to his/her regular meal.

Be sure tthat you select only scraps that are healthy for your dog.
Ideal leftover foods include:

  • meat (cooked poultry bones are very dangerous for dogs)
  • rice
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • plain yogourt
Remember, occasionally offering tidbits of food to your dog as a treat is fine, but daily or large portions of scraps are not.

How To Stop Dog Begging

  • Instruct each family member and request that visitors do not feed "pooch" at the table.
  • Ignore the begging act. It should only take a few mealtime sessions of being ignored for your dog to catch on and eventually stop begging.
  • If you have been feeding your dog from the table for a while, it may take longer for him or her to stop this behavior - be patient.
  • If ignoring your dog doesn’t work, try changing tactics. Put him/her into the crate, put him/her outside while you eat, or block him/her from the dining area. Remember, always make it pleasant experience, not a punishment.
  • If your dog is trained to understand the down and stay command, use these commands if he/she misbehaves at the table.
  • You may send your dog to a designated waiting spot before you sit to eat your meal. Be sure to provide him/her with some entertainment while he waits – a bone to chew on or fill a rubber tube toy with his favorite treat.
  • Try feeding your dog before you sit down to your meal.
  • You could also have a playtime or exercise session with your dog before your mealtime. This may prompt a nap rather than begging.
Following these guidelines should get you a well-mannered dog that you can be proud of at mealtimes.