Cat Adoption. Here are a number of reasons why you should adopt a cat.

Cat Adoption? Do cats make good pets? Should I adopt a cat?

Cats are wonderful if you get to know them, spend time with them, and treat them right.

Cat adoption can be very rewarding and if you adopt a cat from your local pound, the experience can be even more rewarding.

Why choose to adopt a cat as your pet:

  • cats are fairly quiet pets
  • cats are smaller animals
  • cats bury their own waste and don't need to be walked or let outside
  • cats require less grooming than dogs
  • cats are fairly independent animals, although they welcome and thrive on your attention. They will grow and blossom in a home where they are cuddled and talked to often
  • cats are fairly non-aggressive
  • cats are less costly than dogs
  • cats can live in smaller, inside places like apartments or condos
  • cats require little exercise
  • cats require minimal training
Why should I adopt a cat or a kitten?

Cat Adoption? Are you considering cat adoption? Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding to adopt a cat or kitten:

Is there enough room in my home to adopt a cat?

  • Although cats require less room than dogs, they still need ample room to roam, run, jump and play.
If I adopt a cat, can I deal with a litterbox and potential accidents?
  • Although cats are very clean animals and instinctually bury their waste, you still need to clean out their litterbox at least once a day.
    Cats that are stressed, had a change to their life or if your cat gets ill; he/she may have an accident or two. Are you willing to clean up after and deal with potential accidents?
Can you afford to adopt a cat?
  • Cats need food, treats, bowls, litter, litterbox, scooper, scratching post, cat bed, toys, cat carriers, brushes and grooming tools, collar, identification tag, and medical care.
    Are you prepared for medical expenses, you never know if/when a cat will get ill. If you can't afford or aren't willing to pay for medical expenses, don't get a cat.
Do you have time to spend at least two hours a day with your pet?
  • Cats need some quality time with you and time to play, be nurtured and be exercised. Plan on spending a few hours a day with your cat.
    If you spend more time out of the home than in the home, a cat may not be the best pet for you.
Can you deal with training your cat and possibly a few bad behaviors?
  • Cats are very low maintenance, are fairly easily trained and usually already knowledgeable about how to act, use a litterbox, use a scratching post etc.; however, you may need to spend some time training your pet and/or dealing with the of bad behavior. If you don't think you can handle the occasional bad behavior and subsequent re-training, perhaps you should reconsider adopting a cat.
Can you handle pet hair?
  • Cats have fur and they shed. Are you okay with cat hair on the couch and furniture? As with any pet, the idea of keeping your house immaculate is almost impossible.
Can you keep your cat indoors?
  • You can take your cat out for walks, or you can create a fenced in area in your backyard for your cat to play in, but for the safety of your cat it is best if your cat is not left free to roam.
Can you deal with your furniture potentially getting damaged?
  • You can and should train your cat so that he/she does not claw furniture. Do not have your cat declawed; declawing a cat is cruel and very painful.
Can you deal with illness or death?
  • At some point, your cat may get ill. Are you emotionally and financially willing to deal with a serious illness or death?
Are you willing to make some compromises to having a roommate in your home?
  • Cats can bring so much into your life. They are wonderful, intelligent, expressive creatures who can bring you joy and happiness.
It has been proven that people who adopt a cat or have an animal for a pet, have lower blood pressure, are happier, and live longer.

If you choose to adopt a cat, please consider cat adoption and to adopt a cat from your local pound.