Canine-Cancer is a serious problem. Many of our dogs get cancer and we feel helpless. Here is your chance to help...


One out of every three dogs get cancer. The National Canine Cancer Foundation has created a way for us to get involved with raising funds for canine cancer research.

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If you have had a loved one pass-on from cancer, are currently going through this unpleasant experience, or you just want to can create your own fundraising page through The National Canine Cancer Foundation website.

I think this is a fantastic idea that will help all of our dogs. We are getting so close to finding comfort and a cure, and can only benefit from this new program.

If you would like to build your own page to help, they have made it very easy for us. Read on...

From The National Canine-Cancer Foundation Friends page:

We have been inspired by many of our supporters who have wanted to do more in the name of their dog. This inspiration has helped us to create something new for our website. Our new addition is simply called Friends. And they are Personal Pages for your dogs!

You can also use the page to raise money for canine Cancer research in the name of your dog. I know for myself it is a great feeling for me when I see people donating to the NCCF because of my dogs. It makes me feel like there are still there with me and is a powerful way to keep them in our life.

On the Personal Fundraising Pages you can:

  • Create the page in the name of your dog
  • Tell your story
  • Post pictures
  • Take donations in memory of your dog
  • Once your page has been created, you can send the link to all your friends and family
Go to the Friends Are The Cure page to create your very own campaign.

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